Amplifier Valves / Tubes

Vacuum tubes are called many things; amp tubes, guitar amp tubes, audio tubes, audio amplifier tubes, electron tubes, radio tubes, thermionic valves or just valves. Whether you use them in high end hi-fi amplifiers, guitar amps or old valve radios we've probably got what you need... and if it's not in stock we can probably get hold of what you need.
Golden Dragon Valves
Performance - Precision - Purity
The GOLDEN DRAGON tube range is manufactured and selected for high fidelity and reality. Golden Dragon tubes are recommended and used worldwide in the Hi-Fi industry.

More than 25 years of development has gone in to the evolution of the range, with the re-introduction of many famous types. For the last three years, investment has been focused in developing tubes made to the British 'Trustworthy' standard.

  • Supplied singularly, Matched PAIRS, or QUADS
  • Computer Selected - Graded - And Matched to 1 milliamp grid current
  • Approved for vintage and modern amplifiers
Svetlana Electron Tubes
SVETLANA SED VALVES / TUBES , one of the oldest manufacturers of vacuum tubes, has a reputation as the world leader in vacuum tube production. With stringent quality control and the best raw materials, SED offers the ultimate sound to musicians and audiophiles alike.

These tubes are now no longer manufactured. However we are still able to source new old stock (NOS) so if nothing else will do then you may still be in luck.

Tubes available include; SED EL34, SED KT88, SED 6550C and SED 6L6GC - Please contact us for current availability and prices as these are getting scarcer.
PM Guitar Tubes / Valves
The PM range of specialist guitar tubes is a unique blend of proven vintage technology plus an intensive research development program covering all aspects of performance and production. The result? Tubes of unparalled sound quality and reliability. That's why PM are design consultants and tube suppliers to many of the biggest names in the music business, both guitar amplification and high end audio.

  • Computer Selected - Graded - Matched to 1 milliamp grid current: SUPERB TONE AND RELIABILITY
  • Approved for all vintage and modern guitar - bass amplifiers
  • Factory fitted by leading British & American amplifier manufacturers
  • Supplied in Matched PAIRS, QUADS or SEXTETS