Audio Technica VM530EN Cartridge & Nude Elliptical Stylus (VM series)


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Audio-Technica Hi-Fi VM530EN – Dual Moving Magnet Stereo Cartridge with NUDE ELLIPTICAL stylus. High-end VM530EN model equipped with a light-weight nude elliptical stylus to reduce the execution mass of the vibration system. This enables fuller frequency reproduction.

  • Aluminium cantilever
  • Para-toroidal coils improve generating efficiency
  • Centre shield plate between the left and right channels reduces crosstalk
  • Durable low resonance polymer housing
  • Audio-Technica’s internationally-patented Dual Magnet design replicates the structure of the cutter head.
  • Instead of using a single, large magnet, the two magnets are arranged in the shape of a “V”. The two magnets are positioned precisely to match the positions of the left and right channels in the stereo groove walls. Consequently, the VM design ensures outstanding channel separation, extended frequency response and superb tracking.
  • Para-toroidal generating system – Para-toroidal coils improve generating efficiency and offers superb linearity, since leakage of magnetic flux in this continuous and unitised magnetic circuit is low. Permeability of the cores is also optimised through the use of laminated cores.
  • Centre shield plate reduces cross-talk – A permalloy centre shield plate enables the effective separation of left and right channels, suppressing electrical cross-talk to below 40dB. This is similar to the actual crosstalk value found in the grooves of the record itself.
  • 500 Series – Standard cartridge body fitted with the para-toroidal coils, centre shield plate, and 6N-OFC coil wire which is the same as 700 series.
  • Elliptical Nude Stylus – Elliptical diamond stylus follows the groove modulation with greater precision compared to a conical stylus, offering improved frequency and phase responses whilst reducing distortion.
  • Frequency Response: 20 to 25,000Hz
  • Channel Separation: 27dB (1kHz)
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 23 degrees
  • Vertical Tracking Force: 1.8g to 2.2g (2.0g standard)

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