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Turntables & Record Players – Servicing & Repairs

Thorens Turntable servicing & repairs

Turntables & Record Players – Servicing & Repairs

Even if you take great care of your record player, many setups may still require a service or need replacement parts at some point. Parts like the stylus and the belt naturally wear out, and the old oils and lubricants can degrade over time.

So if you’re dusting down your record collection and you discover your turntable needs a service or is in need of a repair, then get in touch and speak with an engineer… our workshop is based in Kidlington, just north of Oxford. Phone us at the workshop on 01865 375834, and speak with an engineer.

Turntable servicing & repairs
Turntable - Cartridge and Stylus fitting
Braun - Turntable Servicing & Repairs
Turntable servicing & repairs - Tonearm calibration and rewires

Vintage Turntables & Record Players

We’re experienced with servicing & repairing many of the traditional and modern brands of turntable and record players. Popular brands include;

  • Braun, Garrard, Dual, Hacker, Dansette, Dynatron, Fidelity
  • REGA, Pro-Ject, Panasonic, Pioneer, SONY, Technics, Thorens
  • Transcriptor, Michell and SME.

Our services include;

  • Stylus and cartridge fitting / correct set-up and calibration
  • Cartridge / stylus upgrades
  • Cleaning and re-lubrication of bearings
  • Cleaning and re-lubrication and adjustments to complex auto-start / return mechanisms
  • Speed adjustments
  • Wiring issues including; output cables, ground and tonearm rewires

TECHNICS SL-1200 / 1210

Built like tanks, the Technics 1200/1210 series turntable has been a firm DJ favourite since it first appeared in the early 70s. And with the re-introduction of this classic, it’s a great time to ensure your original equipment is in top shape.

  • Replacement Pop-up and Power lamps / bulb
  • Replacement Pitch Trim / slider / lamp
  • Replace tonearm clip
  • Unseizing tonearm height adjustment mechs and re-lube
  • Cartridge / stylus replacement
  • Headshells
  • Rewires (tone arm / earth lead / output leads)

We stock a number of original TECHNICS replacement parts, and so use genuine parts whenever possible (a number of which are available from our online shop should you wish to replace them yourself) Fortunately Panasonic produced replacement parts for many years, although these are now becoming scarce. For parts which are no-longer available, we look for the best alternatives available.

View our Facebook page for some examples of turntables we have repaired.

Make the most of your vinyl!

Playing vinyl.. then make the most of your record collection with a new stylus, or replacement belt. We’ve also a selection of cleaning accessories to help keep your vinyl collection in perfect condition

Turntable Belts

Turntable Belts

Drive belts can become worn and stretch – resulting in belts slipping and turntables not spinning at the correct speed. Replace belts regularly to get the best from your record

replacement turntable styluses


Vintage and modern styluses to fit many popular cartridges. We also stock complete pick-ups and styluses from leading brands ORTOFON and AUDIO TECHNICA.

Vinyl Cleaning Accessories


Ensure your vinyl is kept in top condition with vinyl and stylus cleaning accessories