SINGLE-ENDED Output Transformers (Guitar)

A specialist range of SINGLE-ENDED (SE) Output Transformers designed specifically for use in Guitar valve amplifiers.

Guitar tube-amps tend to operate between 80Hz and 6kHz. Achieving this is made possible by splitting the Guitar Output Transformer’s windings into several layers (or sections) which affects the coupling between the input and output. Typically, for guitar amplifiers, the windings of the transformer are split into 3 sections creating a broader bandwidth compared to transformers designed for hi-fi use. This design also produces a level of distorted output that guitarists enjoy.

  • Manufactured with highest grade low-loss grain oriented silicon steel laminations ensuring minimal distortion.
  • Multiple interleaved winding geometry to maximises coupling, keeping inter-winding capacitance to a minimum for improved HF response
  • Factory set gap in the magnetic core to prevent DC anode current causing saturation.
  • Every single-ended transformer designed to operate at the specified DC combined with maximum AC power at the lowest specified frequency.
  • CNC wound for excellent layering and repeatability

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Showing all 2 results